Solomon Islands

Country #71

Hot, dusty city,
Picturesque views across sea,
Smiles in the sunshine.

I visited Honiara, Solomon Islands, on a brief work trip in July 2016. It really was too brief, as I only got to spend 2 nights in Honiara, with limited time to see the sights.

However, aside from several nice hotels and cafes, I was fortunate to do two things in particular. The first was to go up to the Forum Fisheries Agency, on the hill, and see the lovely expansive views across the coast and out to the sea beyond. The second was to try some betel nut, which - as expected - tastes pretty bad at first try!

Honiara is not quite as pleasant as Port Vila (Vanuatu), and far more crowded in terms of both people and cars, but it nevertheless has quite a nice vibe to it. Another time, I'll have to explore beyond the capital...