Country #31

Polynesian pride,
With a promising future,
Plentiful islands.

I first visited Samoa (note: "Saaaaamoa") in 2009, for a couple of days while I was temporarily based in Fiji. Apia is pretty lively and definitely well-developed compared to many other cities in the Pacific, and it's a comfortable and chilled place to hang out. During this trip, I also very much enjoyed seeing the beautiful and peaceful Baha'i temple, with its grand architecture and lush tropical garden.

In 2015, I was lucky enough to go back to Samoa for a work trip. My colleague introduced me to the delicious 'poke' fish dish, which is an absolute must in Apia. We also spent a day at a beach on the South coast which was peaceful and beautiful, as are the beautiful waterfalls on Upolu. Another thing I like about Samoa is that in terms of economic development, it offers a glimpse at what some other countries in the region can aim towards. Oh, and we went to a nightclub one night which was a good laugh.