New Zealand

Country #33

Quality of life,
With breathtaking scenery,
Sits a proud nation.

I haven't yet seen much of New Zealand's breathtaking scenery that I refer to in the haiku above, but I know it's there. I've only actually been to Auckland, back in 2009, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would really like to explore the rest of the country.

Auckland seemed pretty American in parts, European in others, and then, I suppose, New Zealand-ish overall. There is a cool mix of cultures here, and one can quickly tell that the quality of life in New Zealand is high for the most part. I think the country can be proud that it packs such a punch, and it's easy to see why tourists love it - with perhaps the only major downside being its distance from the rest of the world.

- - -

In August 2016, my wife, son, and I headed over to Christchurch for a week. I was there for work, so unfortunately didn't get much time to explore. The weather was pretty cold, and overall it felt very much like being in the UK except with more space. Christchurch itself was pleasant enough, not the most exciting place in the world though, with probably its most notable feature being the extent of the destruction from the earthquake. But we do love New Zealand.