Country #65

Ambitious and strong,
Gateway between North and South,
Canal history.

Panama was mine and my wife's last stop on our Central American adventure of 2015. We had made it to Panama City, all the way from Guatemala City, in the space of 2 weeks, and had an incredible time throughout.

Panama City is probably more developed than the capital cities of the other Central American countries that we visited, and it has perhaps more of an American flavour too. We spent our time relaxing in the old part of the city, and by the waterfront as well. The museum of the history of the Panama Canal was very interesting, and it is quite amazing how important the canal is for the whole country, in terms of its history and what outsiders first think of when they hear 'Panama'.

We didn't get to explore a great amount, but we were glad that we did take the extremely long coach ride from Costa Rica to end our journey in Panama City.