Costa Rica

Country #64

Beautiful landscapes,
One can see why tourists flock,
Plenty on offer.

Costa Rica was the 5th country that my wife and I visited on our Central American adventure in 2015. She had spent 9 months living in Costa Rica, back in 2008 or so, and was able to remember some cool places to visit in San José and beyond.

It's easy to see why Costa Rica is a favourite for tourists - things work well, there is stunning scenery everywhere, from forests to beaches, and loads of varied options of things to do. We particularly enjoyed our trip to Manuel Antonio National Park, as well as just chilling in San José. I would like to check out the Caribbean coast some time, if I were to come back. The prices in Costa Rica were quite a bit higher than in some of the neighbouring countries, so other countries might start catching up in terms of attracting tourists. But Costa Rica is definitely ahead of the curve, for now.