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Country #17

Wealth and luxury,
French, German, Italian,
Calm and comfortable.

I've been to Switzerland a number of times. I think the first was when I visited Basel and Zurich with my family, which I don't remember too much of except for the general feeling of wealth and luxury all around. I think we also visited a town in the Italian part of Switzerland, and it is of course a fascinating feature of this country that it has so many separate European influences mixed into one.

More recently, I visited Geneva a few times for work. It's a beautiful place, surrounded by snowy hills and walking by the lake. It's got a very diverse population as well - not least because of the UN and WTO offices - which adds a bit of excitement to a city that would otherwise be pretty sleepy. My work highlight in Geneva was possibly sitting at the UK's desk of a WTO General Council meeting, which was interesting. While Switzerland gives off a strong impression of comfort and class, it doesn't always have the edginess that can make a place a little more exciting. But nevertheless it's one of the best places to be for a high 'quality of life', if you can afford it.