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Country #10

Not just windmills, clogs,
But chilled vibes in Amsterdam,
Great jazz memories.

Although I probably visited the Netherlands when I was younger, again en route to somewhere else in Europe, I can recall a couple of visits when I was a teenager that were great fun.

One was to Amsterdam with my family. I remember particularly enjoying walking along by the canals, seeing the bicycles going past. If I'd been a bit older, and probably without my parents, I would have been interested to check out the, um, 'unique' cafes there. I do also recall strolling down the Red Light District, which, as a teenager, was quite an incredible experience.

Aged around 17, I went to the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague. I had a great time with a bunch of musical friends of mine, listening to some really world class artists, feeling young and free...