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Country #5

Roman history,
Culinary masterpiece,
Beauty typified.

Italy is simply a gorgeous country. Pretty much everything is gorgeous - the people, the language, the scenery, the ancient Roman buildings, the food. Such incredible variety of delicious food!

In 2014 I spent Christmas in Ragusa, Sicily, which was fantastic. I found the Sicilian laid-back lifestyle and dramatic valley scenery to be a really different and humbling backdrop to Christmas time.

I've also been to Rome - and I have to say, similarly to Paris, I'm yet to be 'wowed' by it, despite the admittedly fascinating historical elements to be found there.

I enjoyed Bologna for the food - so simple, so humble, and yet so full of flavour. I would very much like to explore more of the Italian coast, which I'm sure is stunning. I've already enjoyed my fair share of Italian countryside during visits to Tuscany when I was younger.