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Country #37

Mountains, luxury,
Spanish and French influence,
But a little bland.

I visited Andorra in 2011 when my wife and I visited Barcelona and decided to make a day-trip. We got up early in the morning, fell asleep on the coach, and woke up in the Andorran capital surrounded by mountains.

Andorra la Vella is set in a pretty backdrop, and it was pleasant to walk alongside the small river/stream and the very clean streets. After some sightseeing, lunch, and wondering around this quiet city, we decided to head back to Barcelona. Overall, there isn't a huge amount going on in Andorra, it seems, though it's clearly a luxurious place to live, despite being a bit isolated. Bland is perhaps a little harsh, as we only scraped the surface of what the country has to offer, of course. But we were satisfied with a day-trip there.