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Country #52

Rugged desert scenes,
Relaxing at the hotel,
Unassuming trip.

In 2014, my wife and I took a bus over from Dubai to Oman, for a few days. We stayed at a really nice (and pretty empty) hotel in Sohar, a bit of a nondescript place to be honest.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our bit of luxury and relaxation, and were impressed by the rugged landscapes between Dubai and Sohar. We also ventured into Sohar city, though forgetting that it was Friday prayer time and therefore had to wait hours in the sun to find a taxi. Oman seems like a much more unassuming and humble place than some of the wealthier Gulf states nearby. For example, you would find Omanis - not only immigrant workers - driving taxis. I've heard Muscat is very nice, so it's a shame we didn't make it that far before having to head back to Dubai and then on home to the UK.