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Country #3

Wealth and poverty,
Heritage, family, kin,
Longing to explore.

I can't remember exactly when I first visited Bangladesh, my father's homeland, but it was probably in the early 1990s. I have been back a number of times, primarily to visit family and to try to get to know my 'roots' a little better. I hold very strong and passionate feelings about Bangladesh, and I am proudly half-Bangladeshi.

Most of my time in Bangladesh has been spent in Dhaka - the crazy, chaotic, crowded, colourful capital city. I suppose the thing I love most about being in Dhaka is seeing my family members, some of whom I don't get to see all too often. The food is also a major highlight - I can't get enough of it.

In 2007, when I spent a few months in Bangladesh to carry out an internship, I had a chance to explore the country a tiny bit more, though by no means enough. I went up to Netrokona, which is were my family's 'home' village is. I was struck by the simple beauty of the place, the peace, the stillness, the difference from Dhaka.

Most recent time in Bangladesh was a visit in 2013, which was notable in part because I finally got to show my wife the country that I talk about so often. It was also notable because we went to my cousin's wedding, which was an incredible occasion - colour, dancing, friends, family, food, and laughter. I can't wait to visit Bangladesh and explore more - the Sundurbans, Sylhet, Cox's Bazaar, and so much more.