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Country #21

Droplet in the Gulf
Visions of my birth country,
Sitting in the sun.

In 2005, I visited Bahrain with my parents for a one-week holiday. I think my dad was doing some work there at the time, so my mum and I decided to visit him and spend a week in the sunshine. I remember taking my AS-Level revision books and sitting on the beach outside my hotel, learning about Economics. The hotel itself was very luxurious - couldn't complain.

An added excitement about visiting Bahrain was that it is close to where I was born (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia). So, one of the highlights of the trip was going over to the King Fahd Causeway, and up to the viewing tower, to get a glimpse towards Dhahran. This was the closest I've been to my birth city, since I left just before I was 5 years old. I have to say, it did bring back a few distant memories, and conjured up some fascinating imaginations in my mind. I also vaguely remember visiting some historical sights, intertwined with sandy dunes. Overall, I enjoyed the trip  - not least because it helped me to reconnect, just slightly, with my very earliest years.