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Sierra Leone

Country #26

The land that we love,
A truly special country,

Sierra Leone holds a very dear place in my heart and my memories, because I lived and worked in Freetown for 2 years, between 2011 and 2013. It was my first proper job, and what an amazing job it was too (working at the heart of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development). It's impossible to do justice to the experiences that I gained from my 2 years here, in just a short space. But this is a country that has gone through so much, and has so much to offer. Its people are resilient and warm, and I believe it can have a very bright future.

I first came to Sierra Leone in 2008, to do an internship in a local NGO that worked on health and education issues. It was my first time to be in an African country, and I was still fairly young (20) so it was an incredible adventure. I spent 2 months in Freetown, where I made some great friends and was pretty much dazzled from start to finish.

Between 2011 and 2013, I obviously came to experience so much more of this beautiful country. I managed to get around and about, from Freetown to Makeni, Bo, Kenema, and beyond. Sierra Leone has some unbelievable beaches too, which are only really frequented by the local expatriate population, so are often very quiet. I did enjoy living in Freetown, very much, though at times it was challenging. I met so many fantastic people there, and was also lucky enough to visit again for a week of work in 2014, just as the Ebola outbreak began (sadly). I would recommend anyone to spent time in Sierra Leone, and they certainly wouldn't regret it.