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Country #40

West African gem,
Ambition, striving for more,
Classy and fragile.

Upon arriving into Accra from Freetown (Sierra Leone), my first thought - and one which came throughout my few days in Ghana - was that this was a place that other countries in the region could strive to be more like. It seems to have retained its culture, history, and roots, while also aiming to be more 'developed', modern, and forward-thinking.

I enjoyed hanging out with some friends of friends, who showed me around. I had a pleasant day on the coast, by the beach, as well as another nice day chilling in the up-market Osu area. I visited some of the highlights, such as Independence Square, which is one of the grandest squares I recall seeing in West Africa.

I hope the current economic challenges that the country face can be managed, and that Ghana can continue on what looks like a very promising path.