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Country #34

Boozy trip to Sharm,
Ancient civilisation,
Pyramids and Cairo.

Rather than a particularly 'poetic' haiku for Egypt, I've pretty much just listed the things that I did when I visited there in 2010 with a group of University friends.

We were celebrating the end of University, and felt like we deserved a boozy break in the sunshine. Hence Sharm El Sheikh. All in all, we had a very fun time - it's obviously not the 'real' Egypt, but it's good for what people go there for.

The highlight was certainly seeing the Pyramids at Giza. You see so many images of them on TV and elsewhere, but they are pretty incredible to see in the flesh. An astounding piece of history, and still so exotic to us. It was fascinating to go up close and even inside, through the passageways. We also enjoyed a hilarious camel ride in the desert just beside the Pyramids. The visit to KFC afterwards, from where you can actually still see the Pyramids, brought us back home to the realities of this globalised modern world.

We also had a fun day or two in Cairo, a seriously busy city, also brimming with history and culture. Unfortunately, I had a small accident and cut my hand on a window, and had my (to date) only time in an ambulance while being taken to a fairly dodgy clinic. The doctor stitched my hand up and make it look like a cricket ball - but it was all fine in the end. I would certainly like to return to Cairo in future to see it properly.